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Microsoft Windows 8. I feel going ahead and going back!

I have been a long Windows fan. I started from Windows 3.0 and up. When they went to Windows NT kernel I believe this is the start of a real OS they produced. Before this I thought Amiga and OS2 really was a real OS. Everyone I know will say OH I hate Windows because of this or that. Myself if you have the right PC equipment with Windows OS then its the best of both worlds. It runs everything and is really stable! If you live in the Apple OS for Desktop/Laptop. Sure they have a great stable OS but try running Simply Accounting. Oh you need a VM to run this. I tried Ubuntu as the main OS but again the problem is the apps. Its like the phone. I use to be a Blackberry fan. But when iOS and even Android blew them away with quality appsĀ  I changed. 10,000 BB apps vs 600,000 apps Dah!!. And sure the iOS has major control at least I know it won’t be an app that will virus/spyware me!!. If you are in the business world you need to run a real Windows app and then you will need a VM. Why not really run the app in true Windows. With Windows 7 or 8 with 64-bit that you can run everything you want and have a very satisfy OS that is stable. Some people will give Microsoft a bad RAP because they have experience the old MS OS. Windows 7 and 8 and even most of XP have been a major stable OS. If you start tinkering with stuff or start with a crappy motherboard then this is different.

Now about Windows 8. I like the quick start-up. I like the added features with monitor/application description. I like a few other features built in. The extra Windows 8 apps is OK. Feels like 2 OS in one. The normal Windows XP/7 apps and then the Windows 8 apps. I can get back the start menu with 3rd party apps. I can get back some of the gadgets (widgets). The thing that drives me crazy is MS!! Why take these features away. They should give them an option. The other MAJOR thing that drives me crazy is Aero!!! I love Aero!! It makes the OS modern!! Taking it away and giving me a flat Windows 8 feel makes it go back in time!!! Apple introduces really cool looking affects. Ubuntu with rotating cube affects is really cool. Windows 8 style looks like something from the the forty’s They are going back in time!! MS excuse is battery life!! Why not give the user an option. If you want to save battery life use the ugly way. If you are on a desktop and don’t care about battery then give me a very attractive way!!. UUUGGHH!!!!!

I know why MS did Windows 8. To try and compete with Apple’s tablet market. But really!! Apples tablet is successful because they made a phone that was very popular. The phone created a lot of apps. They then made a tablet that works with those thousands of apps and also the tablet apps on top. Its not the hardware people its the software. Its really ironic if you think of it. MS made software and dominated the PC world. Apple tried to make hardware and provided OS but never worked. NOW Apple rules the home world. WHY? Because of the SOFTWARE!! And great hardware. If Apple created the greatest phone but had no software (apps) behind it! It would have never gone the way it has!! Now MS is trying to make HARDWARE to compete against Apple.

Really boggles the mind!!

Anyhow what I believe the next Windows 9 should beĀ  (or Windows 8SR2). Is bring back the start menu (like Classic Shell that gives both Programs and Apps), widgets, and AERO!!!!

Everytime I look at Windows 8 I feel so cheated with the looks. IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP!!!!! Windows 7 Aero looks modern. Why take it away??? So you can push Windows 8 apps down our throat!!

Let me know how you feel!!





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  • Mike

    I totally agree with you. Why should those who liked the way Windows 7 looked have to suffer because Microshaft decided we don’t need those things in a new OS.