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SBS POP3 Connector Gives Errors If C: Partition is less then 4 Gig

A few of my clients are running POP3 Connector on Windows SBS servers (2003,2008 and 2011). The issue is if the disk space gets below 4 Gig on the C drive it will not retrieve the email. This also happens if you use a 3rd party utility like POPcon.

If you can’t free up space on the C drive you can bypass this. I found this from this Article about POPcon:

This error message is generated by Exchange and just relayed by POPcon. With this SMTP error message Exchange is telling us that no new emails are accepted because the harddisk space is less than 4GB.

This is a MS TechNet article on the Exchange feature: Back Pressure.

Not sure if it’s a good idea but one user found out that it is possible to turn off backpressure totally:

Open the EdgeTransport.exe.config file from \Exchange Server\bin directory using notepad and change <add key=”EnableResourceMonitoring” value=”true” /> to value false.

Then restart exchange transport service.

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