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TV Thickness Over The Years

Well over the years I have 3 types of TV’s. CRT, LCD and LED. There is OLED but I can’t afford it. It looks nice but there is a current life to the TV compared to the others.

So I will start with my first large TV. Its a 32 inch Panasonic TV. At the time (can’t remember but many years ago) I paid approx. $1100. It has PIP (Picture in Picture). Was popular back then but not really a feature popular now. It still works flawless (I feel Panasonic makes great products from phones (the only home phone I buy) to TV’s).

2013-08-02 17.52.32


As you can see the thickness is very large (let alone the weight of approx. 150 lbs).

I then purchased a 42″ LCD Sony. It was at the time approx. $1500. It works well but have found over time that it takes a few minutes to warm up. Picture quality is better than the CRT (especially from a computer with HDMI).

2013-08-02 17.53.05

As you can see the thickness is much smaller and the weight is dramatically less.

I then purchased an LED TV to replace my CRT. Its a SHARP 60″ LED at a approx. cost $1300 (on sale) and the picture is excellent. I do find some really high def programs a bit too detail and the shows look kind of fake or actual video take but on the whole I find it great. (My preference of TV brands if I can afford them and what they offer in this order are Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp) The Sony I got looked the best of what I saw at the time so this is why I went with it.

2013-08-02 17.52.48

As you can see it is the thinnest TV I have ever had. The weight (even being 60″) is less than the 42″ LCD and much less than the CRT.

I know the OLED TV’s are even thinner and some have an option of being curved. When the price drops dramatically I can see these being very popular but the issue I have is the life cycle. Right now from what I read they don’t stand up to the other TV’s on the market. This can change as time passes and I am sure they will make them (or something different) better,cheaper, larger.

Some of you are saying “What about Plasma?”. Well I have never thought of going there because of the power consumption. The early Plasma had an issue of burn in. The newer ones don’t but there are a lot of manufactures that have stopped production because of the demand for the LED TV’s. I know some of the Plasma TV’s quality is better than the LED’s but it goes by demand. (VCR one over BETA because of popularity not quality).

This is my 2 cents. What have you experienced with TV’s over the years?



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