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I Hate Windows 10 Start Menu!

Call me old fashion. Tell me I am stuck in the past but I just hate Windows 10 Start menu. Its better than Windows 8 and 8.1 but still for a desktop environment it sucks! It might be fine for a touch environment like a MS Surface Tablet but for desktop its not. Now I am not the only one out there. There is a great article from HowToGeek that they feel the same way. My solution is to always install ClassicShell

I deal with a lot of PCs. And a lot of them I have to do standard tasks like add a printer etc. In Windows 10 it might have a lot of the tools I need just by right-clicking on the menu but the one I use all the time in adding or modifying a printer is not in there. You have to go to Control Panel etc. Frustrates me. They should bring back the standard start menu as an option for people that work in the desktop environment that want to be productive and that NEVER use any of the useless Windows 10 apps! Don’t get me started on how crappy the mail program is that is built into Windows 8-10.

This is my point of view. Whats yours!

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