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Liking Windows 10 When Changing Hardware

 I have an old Acer AMD small desktop for 7 years. It has worked great for what I need. I basically have it attached to my main TV upstairs to allow me to run Kodi, Netflix etc. I changed the HD a while back from the standard SATA HD with an older 120GB SSD because I don’t need  the space. Just the speed. Everything was working fine till lately that it was freezing restarting etc. Tried a few things to change but basically feel its the motherboard that was causing the issue. So I got a used i3 desktop. Moved the HD and the Wifi PCIe Wifi adapter. It booted, restarted a few times picking up new hardware and there I was I did not have to install hardware drivers. The motherboard, CPU, chipset, video card are all different and it booted fine and installed all the drivers. They were standard devices so Windows found the drivers fine. If I had a special video card or sound card I likely would have to reinstall the drivers but since the hardware was not something largely normal it worked fine. If I tried to do this with Windows XP I likely would have had to do a repair. Something that I wish was available with Windows 7. Windows 7 might have refused to boot and would have done a new install.

Even after all this I even did not have to activate the Windows. Something that I have done before and I had to reactivate. If I had to do this I was not worried. The PC came with a Windows 7 Key so I could have used this if needed.



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