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I Use Dropbox And Why

I have tried most cloud data service. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive are the 3 major ones. I am sure there are many others that I have tried and not tried but I like to use something that is popular and compatible. Dropbox is one of the oldest and one of the most compatible ones. At the start Dropbox is supported on almost everything. When Dropbox got hacked I was worried so I tried the others. Google and OneDrive are a very popular because of the eco system. If you are MS person (like I am) and you want to use say online Office then this would be the right choice. Much like if you are into Google apps and want to access data then Google Drive would be the right choice. Again I use Gmail and it can be handy. The major issue of why I use Dropbox for a majority of my data that I need to access between my PC and my phone is password protection!! I have commented to MS on when password protected files like .xls files to access from OneDrive. Hello you created Excel and OneDrive but you don’t support password files in OneDrive from the phone???? I just checked and they seem to support password files but the speed to open a file from my phone was extremely slow!! So I tried Google Drive on the same issue. The opening files seems very fast BUT they can’t open password protected files on the phone!!

This is where 3rd party apps are better than the big guys. Really drives me crazy. I am a MS guy. Why? Well 98% of my clients use MS and need to use MS to be able to run the MS apps. If you run Autocad, Sage 50, PCLaw, Accpac you need a Windows PC.

What do you use for cloud data service and why?

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