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Ryzen 1600 PC Won’t Boot

So I have been an Intel person for many many years. AMD in the early day sucked. They got better than Intel around the P4 time but when Intel started the Core 2 Duo I felt Intel were better. Recently the Intel CPUs are very short supply. I find very few left to find. All the 8th gen Intel i3-i7 are gone! So for my clients I have to provide PCs so I got in 2 AMD Ryzen 5 1600. My one supplier currently have some in stock. So I ordered the CPU and a compatible ASUS motherboard. Plugged everything in similar to the 1000’s of Intel PCs I have created but it would not boot. Looking at the fine print on the AMD box is it needs a GPU. WTF!!!!!!! Intel have not created a video card in many years so they build the GPU in the CPU. They are not the greatest but are getting better and for most of my business clients that’s all they need. Hell I can get Intel IX with an ASUS MB and can run 3 monitors right off the MB. Not for gaming but the business people don’t need that. Multiply screens is what they care. So here is AMD who make graphic cards and have the technology for this does not implement this in the CPU!!! It does not have to be all that fast but similar to Intel CPU speeds for GPU. So now I have to add a GPU card. The cheapest Nvidia 710 costs retail around $100 So now I have to add to the cost of a PC (where PC margins are already slim) so now the cheaper AMD is not that cheap! Add a GPU and its not that cheap.


Seems AMD Ryzen CPUs that end in G (for Graphics) have the graphics capability (Example Ryzen 2400G). I can see AMD choice of the 2 different chips BUT from an Intel standpoint it makes confusion. Every Intel i series CPU has built in GPU. For AMD you have to  choice the the right CPU for the job.


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