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AMD vs Intel

So as a computer builder and mainly been an Intel guy for 20+ years and my suppliers can’t provide Intel CPU’s (lack of stock because of 10nm problems) I had to start getting AMD CPU’s and boards. I know the AMD Cpu’s have gotten better over the years. I like that their models are similar to Intel. Example Ryzen 3 are like i3, Ryzen 5 are like i5 etc. So you would think that the AMD are cheaper and would give me a better sell. NOT!!! All Intel iX CPUs have built in a GPU. They are not gaming GPUs but 90% of my sales are for Business and they don’t need a high end GPU and built in GPU on CPU is suffice. Buying an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and a compatible ASUS MB I realize that the CPU does not have built on GPU!! WTF!!!!!! AMD make fast GPUs but for most of their CPUs don’t built in a GPU!! If you buy an AMD with a CPU model that ends in G then it has a built in GPU. Price is not bad. So I have built a few PCs with a 2400G CPU. Speed wise in comparison is decent and has the business GPU. Thought it was great BUT not so. Have a client that has AMD 2400G and the screen likes to go black for a few seconds and then display OK for 4-5 times a day. NEVER had this issue with an Intel CPU. Never had to have to add a GPU to the cost of a PC so it will display standard video. These are the reasons that I have been an Intel guy. They work!! Games are built to work better with Intel than AMD. Sure AMD are cheaper and I watch a lot of tech shows and love AMD BUT for me for clients that are business geared that I find Intel CPUs are a better choice! Have to add a $100 GPU card so that you can work compared to an Intel CPU is not saving money!!


So for all the AMD Ryzen 2400G CPUs with built in GPU each one seems to give a blank screen for a few seconds once in a while. I have updated BIOS, Video drivers but nothing fixes it till I install a dedicated video card. Again extra expense. Again AMD CRAP!!!!!!

For Intel shortage I can start getting Intel 9th gen CPUs (for now) but they are the F series so they also don’t have a graphics chip. Seems (unless on sale) the Intel F series and the non F series (has onboard GPU) are around the same price. The only reason to get the F series is supply. I really wish Intel would get their act together and fill the supply!!

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