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Google. Another Service Bites The Dust!!

Welcome to Google. They make a ton of services and they kill a ton of services. The only ones that I trust and should last is Google search (their bread and butter. This will NEVER go away). GMAIL. For either public use or corporate they should never close this. Then there is YouTube. They bought it years ago and the astonishing amount of content uploaded each day is mine boggling !! I don’t know how profitable this is for them since they have to spend tons of money installing more hard drives to cover all the content but we will see. There are a few things still around like Blogger but since its a free service I would not think its a priority. Its astonishing the number of services that Google has killed. Here is a list. Here is a good article regarding Google Shutdown Services.

I like Google for its search and Gmail. For Gmail they have killed Inbox and very other useful tools. They have billions in the bank why can’t they keep the good stuff. Google+ is the latest demise. I liked Google+. Did not use it much but liked the Twit Know How forum. I liked iGoogle. Could have a custom home page when I went to it that had most interesting links I could keep up. I liked Notebooks that I kept a personal link page.I liked Picasa photo app. Yes they have Google Photos but I liked the app better.

Google can be nice but also frustrate me!!



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