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Spam. Everyone gets it. If you have an email address you have all gotten spam. Maybe you have some really obscure address or you started with a spam filter from the beginning of email but that would be the minimal. We all get it. I try to encourage all my business clients to go through some spam hardware device to eliminate most. (Barracuda is a great example that some of my clients go through that eliminate a good percentage) Myself for my business I go through my ISP’s spam filter that is pretty good. Most spam filters have some control to limit spam at different degrees. Not any spam filter can catch everything. As the filters improve the bad guys spammers also improve so its a cat/mouse scenario. So what can you do. First try and go through a hardware spam utility before you even get the emails. That will likely eliminate 80% of the crap. Next is have a decent virus program. Sure I am an IT guy and I know what normally is a spam/scam/virus email. This is for the general public. For the general public they still need a decent virus protection if they do a lot of email. The problem with relying on a good virus protection is again the bad guys know how to get around it so they are usually ahead of the virus protectors so again don’t rely 100% on them. What might be more important¬† than a good virus protection is knowing the difference between a legit email and a spam/scam/virus/ etc. People need to be educated on what could be real and what is fake. That is the best defense. I also have a Gmail account and they do a great job of filtering also but it does not catch everything. Education I believe is the best filter but not everyone can do it.

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