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I'm a Tech Guy for over 30 Years Knowledge of Computers, Networks, PC Gadgets. This site is to be used to share some of my knowledge and reviews

Silent Banker Trojan

Another new Trojan thats really scary. Here is an article about it.

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Virus coming through MSN!

Here is another scary story about a fast moving virus running through your MSN Messenger

IM Botnet Infects Thousands Of PCs

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Antivirus and Spyware Programs, The True Story

digg_url = \\’https://steveit.ca/archives/10\\’; digg_title = \\’Antivirus and Spyware Programs, The True Story\\’; digg_bodytext = \\’I have used many antivirus programs over the years. I first started with McAfee along time ago. It was good at its time but it started causing problems for me. I switch to Norton Antivirus. Again it was good at […]

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