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Looking online I came across a few forums with similar issues. I have compiled a few solutions that might fix the issue:

Computer goes to sleep automatically after a short time.

Solution 1:

Finally found the solution,just in time too because I swear I was about to go insane.

Right click on desktop > Power and sleep > Additional power settings > Choose when to turn off the display > Change advanced power settings > Restore plan defaults

I don’t know why but this completely got rid of the issue and I was then able to make the settings whatever I wanted.

Solution 2:

  1. Click on the windows icon
    2. Type regedit
    3. Right-click on regedit icon, click Run as administrator
    4. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\PowerSettings\238C9FA8-0AAD-41ED-83F4-97BE242C8F20\7bc4a2f9-d8fc-4469-b07b-33eb785aaca0
    5. Double click on Attributes
    6. Enter number 2.
    7. Go to Advanced power settings (click on Windows button, write power options, click on Power Options, in the selected plan click on the Change plan settings, click on the Change advanced power settings).
    8. Click on the Change settings that are currently unavailable
    9. Click Sleep, then System unattended sleep timeout, then change these settings from 2 Minutes to 20 for example.
    That’s it!

Solution 3:

i was have the same problem,

when i changed,

Contol panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options
Select from left panel “What the power buttons do”
And make all button options, “Do nothing”

the problem solved for me

Note: I am using notebook with external screen, my notebook’s screen always closed, but windows 10 doesn’t know

Solution 4:

I have found a workaround using a downloaded no sleep program that moves the mouse one pixel back and forth every thirty seconds or so. Imperceptible to the eye, but enough to make the computer still think it is in use so that it will not sleep.[/QUOTE]
I agree is it silly that this problem hasn’t been corrected yet.
Do you have a link to the no sleep program you use? I need to stop my computer from shutting down b/c I take tests for school online, and if it shuts down while I go to the restroom.. then test is final, completed or not.



Solution 5:

This from another forum fixed this issue for me.

Got to:


Edit each of the sub-keys. Each corresponds to one of the power plans. If you choose ACSettings (Decimal value is 3600 seconds for 1 hour) you are choosing a behavior for when the machine is plugged in, DCSettings are for battery power.

Solution 6:

I had the same problem and I figured out an easier fix. select all your power setting that you want. then I went into screen saver menu, mine was set to blank. I selected another one then reselected blank and click apply. That is all it took.oh and by the way, my power settings, on battery and plugged in, were set to 15 minutes each, I switched them to 30. after that do screen saver, and apply settings. it should work. I was also on windows 7 and was upgraded to 10.


Some of the solutions from this forum:


Other Forum

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Migrated a client to a new Exchange 2010. One of the clients still using POP3. I enable the MS Exchange POP3 service. Made sure all settings are OK in client configuration but still would not work. I have it set to plain text (I know security risk) but when I telnet to the server on port 110 that worked but when I entered USER username it gave error:

POP3 ERR Command is not valid in this state

Found this article that fixed the issue

Basically had to do the following:

 1. Log into your Exchange 2010 CAS server
 2. Open the Exchange Management Shell
 3. Issue command Set-PopSettings -LoginType PlainTextLogin
 4. Restart the Exchange POP Service

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Seems there is an issue with Adobe Reader DC and the new Windows 10 Anniversary. Some people are complaining that some PDFs when printing causes streaks where the lettering is.

Read this Forum. Seems Adobe has still not fixed the issue after 2 months!

2 Solutions so far is print as an image (Not the ideal way but it works). Others said Foxit Reader seems to work. I have not tested this yet so I can’t say if it will work.

Adobe fix your bugs!!

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Instructions on removing existing wireless network for the following:

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10


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Have a client that has an HP OfficeJet that he use to print to from an e-mail using the HP Web Services. It stopped working the other day. The IP/DNS etc were fine it just said it failed to connect. Turned out the time on the printer was off by a year. Change the date and time to the correct time and it worked.

Found this info on the HP forum at the end.


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