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Start the System Restore tool at a command prompt XP

From MS Knowledge base 304449

Start the System Restore tool at a command prompt

loadTOCNode(2, \’moreinformation\’);

1. Restart your computer, and then press F8 during the initial startup to start your computer in Safe Mode with a command prompt.For additional information about the Safe mode with a command prompt, click the following article number to […]

Microsoft: Office 2003 SP3 Blocks Older Files

Microsoft creating more problems with updates. Surprise Surprise!

Here is the Article.

How to copy an Ubuntu drive to a larger drive

When I copy drives for Windows I usually use Norton Ghost or Casper XP. I have used these for many years and I could not do my job with out them. When I started playing around with Ubuntu I was wondering how I could do the same. I searched around the Internet […]

Runonce error when starting IE7

After installing IE7 or if you start IE7 for the first time it goes to a runonce page for you to configure a few options in IE7. Sometimes it does not work or you would like to get rid of this.

If you download this registry fix it will prevent the runonce from […]

“WMS IDLE Not Responding” when logging off or shutting down

I found that going to MSCONFIG and removing NMBgMonitor (which is a Nero Essentials component) from Startup, removed the WMS Idle failing to quit. More importantly removing that Nero file from startup, allowed Windows XP to shutdown ten times faster. I have removed Nero from my computer and it runs perfectly now. Perhaps only a […]

Logmein and Ubuntu Problem Fix

When I tried and login to logmein.com from Ubuntu I get an error that can’t load page. It works fine in XP on the same network. If I was running IE or Firefox in VirtualBox it still would not work for me. It seems to be caused by the MTU value under Ubuntu.

I found […]

Outlook 2003 says I don’t have appropriate permission

Try checking the properties of the these files:

outlook.srs outlook.dat views.dat

or any others in the following location:

\Document and Settings \ <Username> \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook

It could be these files are read-only and you need to remove that (right click the file, select Properties and make sure Read-only is not […]

Transfer a YouTube Video to Powerpoint

I have a client that needed this done so I looked around and found 2 great websites. One downloads the video easily and the other easily converts it.

I tested this myself so I know it works.

First you have to download the YouTube Video. First you go to the video in YouTube. If […]