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Starting To Hate HP

I have alway been a great fan of HP printers. They really started making an industry standard in their laser printers. There Laserjet, Laserjet II and III were built like a tank. They last 10+ years and always worked. Their PCL drivers are a standard. Compatible with everything. I really like the fact […]

Microsoft warns on Vista update

Upgrading Vista with SP1 will prevent some programs to work. Here is the article

PhotoGallery msi error on Startup

I have seen this on a few PCs that come in that when you start up Windows it tries to install PhotoGallery and asks for a disk. Its related to an HP driver install. To remove this do the following:

Download and install the Windows Installer Cleanup utility from this link



Put IE 7.0’s Toolbar Back Where It Belongs

Move IE 7 Toolbar back where it belongs. Article from WindowsITPRO

Windows Vista vs Windows XP

Started in watching some videos on chris.pirillo.com He has been a Windows user for along time. He just moved to Apple. Here is an earlier video he created before he made the switch. I found it very informatively and very similar to issues I have been playing around with. I can’t afford to get […]

Silent Banker Trojan

Another new Trojan thats really scary. Here is an article about it.

Security pros: Kill ActiveX

Nice article about killing ActiveX. My recommendation, Run Firefox. Better yet run Linux!

Computer Errors We All Understand

Stop svchost.exe from stealing CPU cycles

Nice article regarding the svchost.exe problem from CNET.

Vista SP1 “When It’s Ready”

So Much For “When It’s Ready:” Vista SP1 Finalized with Windows Server 2008

Article criticizing Vista’s SP1