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Background on XP Can’t Change

Found this on the Internet. Looked at a lot of fixes and this is the only one that helped me. If you can’t change the background screen on XP because everything is grayed out this. Suggest backing up the Registry first. Here is a great utility for this. Then try the following:

Make […]

PowerPoint File Won’t Open From Outlook Express

Found this on the Internet. It occurs when you have Windows XP with SP2 and are using MS Powerpoint Viewer 2003 or 2007. If you try and open the attachment from Outlook Express it gives an error. The following gives you some options:

Powerpoint won’t open from Outlook Express

One of […]

Lexmark Deskjet won’t install in Vista

Not a fan of Lexmark deskjet printers. Don’t get me started on their cheap colour laser. Their high-end mono lasers are not bad.

Had a client that bought a new Vista PC and could not get the lexmark x1140 printer driver installed. Turned out the user tried to install the XP […]

Winlogon.exe at 50% CPU

Had a client that was getting 50% cpu on the winlogon.exe in the task manager. Did the normal virus/spyware check/remove. Found out it was related to the offline option in XP when connected to Windows Domains. Turning off the offline files and restarting the PC solved the problem. If you have an XP […]