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Enter Vista Zone

I recently upgraded my 5 year old P4 3GHz HT, 2 Gig, 320Gig Raid 1, FX5200 128meg PC (ya so old) to the following:

Core 2 Duo 3GHz (overclocked to 3.6)

4 GIG DDR2 (will probably bump to 8 since DDR2 is so cheap)

2 1 Terabyte […]

Internet Explorer Freezes On Startup

Had a client that had IE7 froze on startup. I started to see if it was an add-in that cause the problem. Under Accessories-System Tools is an Internet Explorer (No add-ons). It basically does what it says. IE7 opened fine after I did this so I figured it was a corrupted add-on. To […]

Vmware vs Virtual PC 2007 Network Speed

I have used VMware for several years and just love the product. When MS created Virtual PC 2007 I decided to give it a try. It is OK but its not as good. The only thing good is its free. I decided to try it out for a client that is running an […]

GMAIL For Home, OUTLOOK For Business

What got me started on this article is from a Digg article titled “Gmail Destroyed Outlook”. The other is a Windows Weekly podcast #92 where Leo and Paul discuss how Gmail is so better than Outlook. I agree with part of this. Outlook as a home user has its problems.

I […]