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Website Building Blogger vs WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

I have played around with Blogger, WordPress.com and now I am using WordPress.org. Here are some of the differences that I have experienced between them.




Blogger and WordPress.com are similar. Both are free so it does not cost you anything. You can create a website or blog and you won’t have to worry about registering a name, cost of hosting, and if you are not that experience its very easy to create. WordPress.org requires a host. Nice things about Blogger besides very easy to create is you have more control than wordpress.com. You can add java scripts and add google adsense. WordPress.com won’t allow this.  Blogger does have limited themes.




Like Blogger, its free and easy to create websites/blogs. One nice feature over Blogger is it has pages. This allows a more dynamic website. Has limited number of themes like blogger.




WordPress.org combines the Blogger and WordPress.com capabilities and gives you so much more flexability. You can have java scripts like Blogger, and you can add pages like WordPress.com. Also there are hundreds and hundreds of themes that you can download. There are also hundreds of widgets. The downside is you have to use a host so this cost money, but they are very reasonable in price, usually $5-$10 a month. You can also go for a dedicated server. This will cost hundreds of dollars a month but will allow a large bandwidth and you don’t have to worry about someone sharing your hosted site on a server that is killing your site. Also you will have to learn a little about installing WordPress.org on the site but its not that bad. Most hosts have a 1 button install and setup. Myself I went through a great web host. $5.95 month gives me 300Gig space 3000Gig Bandwidth and free domain name. Checkout HOSTPAPA

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