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VirtualBox vs VMware Server under Ubuntu

I really like VMware. I have used VMware workstation under XP for along time and recommend anyone who wants to use virtual OS to use VMware. I have tried Windows PC Virtual software and VMware blows away Microsoft.

When I have started playing around Ubuntu I figured the VMware Server (which is free!) should be good. It is in compatibility. It works! The video,sound, usb, network works great BUT its extremely slow in startup and closing the vmware client. I started playing around with VirtualBox. An open source virtual software that is starting to compete with VMware. It also is free. Install was good. There were some more tweaking but it does work well. The only thing that does not work is the sound. I have seen others having similar issues but the XP client does work well. The screen, usb and everything else works well. It starts and closes extremely faster than the VMware server. If I had a working VMware workstation it might be closer in starting and closing but so far I (except the sound) am liking the VirtualBox. If anyone using Ubuntu and need Windows compatible, try it.


I reinstalled my XP Client with a fresh XP cd and the sound worked right of the bat. So it was my copy of XP I had (that was a modified version) that caused my problem with the sound in VirtualBox. Yaaaa!!!

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  • vince

    Hello Steve !

    The sound works well ! I have an old E-Machine computer, and I’m able to watch the “Radio-Canada” Video’s without any problems !


  • I´ve installed Virtual Box 3.0 in Ubuntu 9, I´m able to use Windows XP flawlessly.

    Now I installed Virtual Box 3.0 in my Mac (OS X Leopard), and I´m able to use Windows XP and Ubuntu 9 !

    Everything works, sound, network, USB, CD, etc…

    When installing Ubuntu I had to change the network adapter to Intel, otherwise it will freeze at 82%, just by changing to the Intel network adapter and recreating the Linux VM, everything worked fine.

  • I have an Ubuntu 9.04 and VMware server 2 with XP installation (I need IE from XP to watch some TV channels online). It’s working fine, but when in full window mode and watching TV channels on IE from XP OS guest, I can see some issue, like delay or sometimes image freeze.
    Do you think that with Virtual Box it will be better?

    Regarding how slow it’s VMware server 2 for booting…you’re right. Otherwise, a very good product.

  • Steve

    Well its worth a shot to try Virtual Box. Its all free. If it does not work just go back to vmware. One thing I like with Virtual Box with my Vista as the host and Ubuntu as the guest I can get the 3D cube effects.

  • i too am a VBox convert.. and am very surprised at the performance gain! It almost feels native. IMO, with the latest release by VBox.. it has surpassed VMWare by leaps and bounds !!!

    Not even close anymore