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Windows VS Apple

When I read a review comparing Windows vs OS X I just think of many differences. One of the biggest differences is that Apple is a Hardware company and Microsoft is a Software company. This is has been the way for a long time. Since the beginning of major personal computing. When I see the TV ads of Microsoft VS Apple I enjoy the competitiveness between the major two rivals BUT I also look at the deeper part of the companies. Microsoft (Windows) have gone through major changes. When it was Windows 3.X to Windows 9X it has been basically Windows on top of DOS. Very old and archaic. OS/2 and other really shined over MS at this time. Its when Windows 2000/XP started to be the dominating OS that things changed. The whole memory architecture and NTFS really changed the structure of the OS. Now Apple and its OS is totally different. Its based in Unix/Linux. A very old BUT very secure and structure OS. From the fundamentals of the OS security was built into the OS. The login root structure and the other factors made the OS very easily secure and robust compared to Windows OS. Even if there were hackers hacking on Linux and Apple OS X all day long ( I am sure there are lots of patches needed BUT not like Windows) that in the end over the years, Linux/Unix and Apple OS X will easily win the hack war over Windows. Look at the Network structure and can see the major differences. Windows network OS always had an open architecture that you have a share its open to everyone. Then you had to change the security to give restrictions. Novell (very good OS at the early time), Linux/Unix and part of Apple OS X gives the impression of secure NOW and then change the settings later to better suite the user.

One major thing that has made me NOT switch to Apple is the proriatary part of the OS. I can install Windows OS on almost any PC and change how the look and feel very easily. Try doing a 1/4 change on a Apple computer. NOT. You just don’t have the flexability in Apple OS that you do with Windows XP. BUT this is probable why Apple OS is much more stable than Windows OS. I am sure if you installed Apple OS and Windows OS on the same PC and did not mess with to Windows OS that both would be very stable and compatible with most things. Its the options that Microsoft produces that lets the OS give you both the good and bad parts of the OS. The fact that most virus and spyware companies go after the Windows OS makes my job very easily and profable. If it were not for them that my company would not be the way it is now. If I switched to Apple only then I would not be the company that I am. BUT if the hackers change and start to hack the Apple OS then maybe I should consider adding Apple to me company. Only time will tell.

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