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Upgrade To Windows 7

Well I decided to upgrade my Vista Ultimate 64-bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. ( I only went with Ultimate because my MAPS included 1 license. If I was going to purchase a license I would go with Windows 7 Pro).Everyone says you really should do a fresh install rather than upgrade. I agree and the fresh install would probable only take 20 min. I just wanted to see how it would be. It should be a straight forward upgrade. Its only been a 3 month install of Vista. The upgrade took 2 hrs. I expected this. Its a pretty good PC (Core 2 Duo 3Ghz,6 gig RAM, 1 Terabyte WD Black SATA 3G drives RAID1, Nvidia 9600GT). Things that I had to do to get it working properly after the upgrade were as follows: Reinstalled my new HP Photosmart printer drivers. Reinstalled Vmware. Remove ASUS Probe software and manually remove another ASUS utility that kept up popping an error message. The VMware still won’t give me a network in my XP guest but will for my 2003 guest. For the sleep to work and get my network back when coming out of sleep I had to change the network to not be disable when conserving power. I have found that boot time is about the same. Going to sleep is about the same. Coming back from sleep is faster. On the whole the PC runs about the same so far as when I was using Vista. I know if you have a less powerful PC (say P4 with 1 gig of ram) that there will be a greater performance from Vista to Windows 7. Vista on a netbook was not possible but is with Windows 7. My PC performance under Vista gave me a 5.9 out of 5.9 for everything except my CPU was a 5.4. Under Windows 7 I get 6.5, 6.5, 6.8, 6.8, 5.9 for CPU,MEM,Video,Video,HD. From what I have read this is decent for the equipment. To get a higher HD (my lowest) I would have to go with fast SSD drive and even then you won’t get near the 7.9 max. I don’t know what you can do to get 7.9 for HD. This would always be the slowest thing in your computer.

The only advantage with Ultimate over PRO for Windows 7 is Bit Locker and multiple languages. On Vista was this plus Media Centre and extra Ultimate stuff like dreamscape. When upgrading to 7 it strips the Ultimate extra stuff. Probable to keep the performance.

My experience with Windows 7 has been OK. Nothing supper exciting over my Vista 64-bit. My friend at work switch from Vista to Windows 7 and his Canon printer worked under Windows 7. Could not get the drivers to work with Vista. He also had better experience with Windows 7 on a few other things also. Each person will get different responses. My observation with Vista and Windows 7 has always been. If you have a slower PC with little ram then Windows 7 will make a big difference but if you have a fast PC with lots of ram then the differences won’t be as dramatic.


I removed and reinstalled the network driver in the XP guest and my VMware is working. Also I updated my network driver in Windows 7 and now when I awake from sleep the network is working. (Before I had to disable and renable the nic).

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