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Antivirus Comparison

Everyone asks me whats the best antivirus program out there. Well the answer is there is not one program that can remove all the virus’s out there. There are Virus’s, Spyware and Malware. Today its hard to distinguish whats what. If it deletes files then its a Virus. If it pops up saying you have a virus but its a FakeAV then its Malware. If its trying to steal your credit card or take control of your PC then Spyware. Now the answer what AV software do I run. It would be MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials). Why? Well its very light weight. It will not bog down your system like Mcafee or Symantec (the newer Symantec I heard is not as blotware but I don’t trust them). Next MSE does not get in your face with popups, request you to update to the PRO version (AVG). Also its FREE. Now when I saw Microsoft offering a free Antivirus/Spyware program I was very skeptical. Look what they did to Giant Spyware remover and turned it into Windows Defender (Crap compared to what it was when Giant ran it). BUT I have checked some reviews and comparisons and I have to say it does a decent job. Check out the Comparisons here.

Now MSE and other AV software has spyware/malware removers but they never really do a great job. This is why I also use Malwarebytes. It catches a lot of the new Fake AV and other nasty malware.

This is my two cents. Anyone want to comment?

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  • I agree completely. I’ve been removing AVG and commercial AV solutions and replacing them with MSE. I support 500+ pc’s around Nashville, TN, so I hope Symantec is paying attention. SEP and poor old Symantec 10 variants are getting therir lunches eaten by the current crop of malware. The arms race is over and the bad guys have won. What the hell happened?