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Network Drive Can’t Access

On a couple of networks I maintain I have been getting various PC’s that have issues accessing mapped drive letters to a Windows 2003 Server. The Internet works and the Exchange/Outlook is fine its when the access a network drive they might get an error: “insufficient resources to complete task”. If they reboot everything is fine for awhile and then it will happen again. I found a few things I have done and so far it has fixed the issue. The 2 thinks that I have done is increased the PagePoolSize in the registry. The other is to run a WinSockXPFIX. The PC’s in question are Windows XP.

To increase the PagePoolSize open the regedit and modify the following key:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session manager\Memory Management\PagePoolsize

Change the PagePoolsize to 0xffffffff

After that save and close the registry and reboot. If that does not solve it then download the WinSockXPFix and run it. This will reset the Winsock to default settings and clear the hosts file. Some spyware will affect the winsock and you sometimes have to fix it after you remove the spyware.

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