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Simply Or Sage 50 Accounting User Locked Out

A client using Simply 2010 in multi user mode has someone logged in under multi mode and the hydro goes out (on the workstation only). The user tries to log back in after restart and says it won’t allow into Simply because that user is already logged in.

I tried just stopping and starting the connection manager on the server but that did not work. Normally I have to restart the server and then everything is fine. Called Simply and they say all you have to do on the server is the following:


2. Open Task Manager. Go to Processes. Sort by name. Find mysqld-nt.exe and close this process.



For Sage 50 2014 or greater you would stop the mysqld.exe process. Sage 50 2013 or older it uses the mysqld-nt.exe


4 comments to Simply Or Sage 50 Accounting User Locked Out

  • Rob

    This works great. Just tried in Simply Accounting 2012 Premium.

  • Dwayne

    Works for Simply 2008 as well.

  • Esther

    Steve, I was working in Simply in single-user mode. My monitor went black but my computer was running. After 5 minutes, I shut down my computer using the on/off switch., then restarted in ‘safe mode (recommended). Monitor came back on but there appeared to be no programs running. Tried to log into Simply again but the message comes that someone is already logged in under my user name. Tried to follow your suggestion but I don’t have mysqld.exe under processes in task manager. Please help. Esther

  • Hello Esther,

    Normally restarting the PC where the data is held should fix your problem. If the data is on your PC then restarting should fix it. If the data is on another PC then you need to stop the mysqld.exe on that PC OR restart that PC. What version of Simply are you running?