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Outlook 2010 POP Email To Go Into Exchange

MS made Outlook 2010 to act like the rest of the suite but one of the BIGGEST complaint I have is clients that use MS Exchange and have POP accounts. 2010 decided to keep everything separated! I did find this on the Internet to help those who would like all the email to be stored in the exchange mailbox and not it a separate PST file that does not get backed up:

1 – Configure Exchange Account and set as default

2 – configure POP3 account and create new outlook file without download any mail

3 – select in account settings the button CHANGE FOLDER for the POP3 account and choose the INBOX folder of the EXCHANGE account

4 – in the folder tree of outlook 2010, right click the pop3 account tree and select close PST

THIS worked for me very well…

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