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MS Office 2010 Download The Required Feature

Seems there is an issue with the downloaded version of MS Office 2010 home and student. If you download the one with the Microsoft Click To Run and the updates are enabled you might get this annoying popup in the bottom right. It says “Microsoft Office is downloading the required feature. Microsoft Office may appear unresponsive temporarily as the required files are downloaded”

On one PC I found it would pop up this and the MS Word was freezing and pretty much useless. I searched and found this article.  The reply that helped me was to just disable the updates for the Click To Run. Open Word 2010. Click File > Help > Update Options > Disable Updates. Then close Word and start it again. After this the popup stopped and the freezing stopped.

Another reply suggested uninstall and download the Office without the Click To Run. (If you can).

4 comments to MS Office 2010 Download The Required Feature

  • Otávio

    Cara, valeu, a dica resolveu o problema.
    Ooops, thank you, it worked down here!

  • maria liza

    icannot of my microsoft word if i open my resume they say in my computer like this microsoft office is downloading the required feature

  • sarah

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! clicking the disable updates worked like a charm!! I was starting to give up hope!!

  • whenever i downloaded a certain ms word, it always stops, searching for the necessary files. Can somebody help me ? And my Ms Office Click-to-Run wasn’t working.