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Change Bell Modem/Router Into Just Modem (Bridge-Mode)

Found this on the Internet. You could reflash firmware but I decided to manually change. Here are the instructions:
1. Connect White 2Wire Modem/Wireless Router to phone line, make sure DSL light is on.

2. Connect computer to any LAN port of 2Wire Modem/Wireless Router.

3. Use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser to access 2Wire Modem/Wireless Router’s web based interface. Default IP address may be

4. Ensure 2Wire 2701HG modem cannot make PPPoE connection – Use INCORRECT Username and/or Password for PPPoE connection settings. Internet Connection –> Advanced Settings.

5. Disable DHCP Server on White 2Wire Modem/Router. Local or Home Network –> Advanced Settings.

6. Disable Wireless on 2Wire 2701HG – it is useless now and will not work anyway. Local or Home Network –> Wireless –> Disable.

7. Disable Firewall on 2Wire 2701HG Modem/ Wireless Router. Application Support –> Advanced Settings –> uncheck Stealth Mode and Block Ping. Save Settings.

8. Now White Modem/Wireless Router 2Wire 2701HG is working in Bridge Mode.
Disconnect computer from 2Wire Modem/Router.
Existing Internal Router needs to be connected using it’s WAN port to any 2 Wire’s LAN port (any one 1-2-3 or 4 , but use just one).

9. Setup Internal router to dial PPPoE connection using RIGHT Bell Username and Password.
If wireless access is required – use only Internal Wireless Router as a wireless access point.

Should you still experience difficulties setting your 2Wire DSL Modem/Router in Bridge Mode do not hesitate to contact us. Email: serge@scomputerservicesgta.com Phone: 416-410-9176

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6 comments to Change Bell Modem/Router Into Just Modem (Bridge-Mode)

  • gord

    Thanks for leaving this post, I have a similar problem but im reading that a bell Home hub 2000 can”t be programmed/set in bridge mode is this correct.

  • Hello Gord,

    Yes it looks like the 2000 can’t set it up in bridge mode but you should be able to configure the DMZ. Found this online:

    Bridge Mode on the Home Hub 2000 is referred to as ‘DMZ’. It is sort of a hybrid bridge but works.

    Just connect your router to the Home Hub, click ‘Advanced View’ > ‘ Network Settings’ then select DMZ, your router and click add.

    All connection from the internet to your router will now pass through the Bell modem to the other router. Your bell modem will function like normal and you can still connect devices to it. Just turn of the wifi and use your other router.

  • Paolo Macera

    when you say “Just connect your router to the Home Hub” do you connect it on the WAN or LAN side?

  • When change to Home Hub to Bridge mode then the WAN side of Internal Router is plugged into any LAN port on the Home Hub. There are only LAN ports on the HOME HUB. This only works for the older versions (Home Hub 1000). Not sure on the newer ones.

  • If you are using a Bell modem 2000 or 4000 together with Fibe TV, putting the modem into bridge mode kills the Fibe TV connection.

    Is there a work around for this – need to use modem in bridge mode but need to maintain Fibe TV connection? Even if you use the Bell modem 2000 on the business side, it kills the Fibe TV connection.

    Thanks for your help.

  • If changing to Bridge Mode affects the Fibe TV then not much that can be done. Now I changed my Internet provider to a cable provider and if I change their modem to bridge mode it will affect my cable TV. I wanted to use a different router for various reasons so what I did was created a DMZ rule on the cable router to DMZ to my other routers WAN. Basically it bypasses the cable router to use my other router for VPN/Port Forwards etc.

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