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Outlook 2013 Won’t Start After Upgrade

Client had Office 2010 installed and Office 2013. Outlook 2010 was used because they had older Exchange 2003 that does not work with Outlook 2013. They got Exchange 2010 and tried to upgrade Outlook to 2013 but gave error could not start when running Outlook 2013. Tried safe mode and new email profile but nothing would work. All other 2013 apps like Word worked fine.

To solve the issue I had to uninstall Office 2013. Uninstall Office 2010. Ran Windows FIX IT to fully remove Office 2010. Also renamed the Outlook folders under C:\users\username\appdata\Local\Microsoft\Outlook and the \Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook to Outlookold. Then rebooted PC and did a fresh install of Office 2013. Outlook 2013 worked fine after this.


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