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Deep Freeze Loops When Startup During Updates

Have a few clients that run Deep Freeze. Issue is sometimes the PC will loop reboot during a windows update if the PC is in frozen state. Found this article that basically helped me rather than a new image.

Basically you need to boot from a media (CD etc) not the Windows drive. I used a Windows XP Mini CD. Great for stuff like this. You then backup the files in question and then copy the Deep Freeze files into Windows\System32\drivers folder so that on next boot it will be thawed so it will finishing installing the Windows updates. What I did after this was then once system is running fine I recopied the backup files back to Windows\System32\drivers and everything was working in the frozen state.

The location to download the Deep Freeze files are here.

32-Bit Windows version

64-Bit Windows version

Here is a text file of the instructions

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