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Brother Scanning Issue

Here is a solution to a frustrating problem. Can print to Brother MFC printer but can’t scan. Found a solution might fix issue:

After trying the solutions given here and at other sites I came to this solution that worked fine for me:

clearing in c:\users\”your own name”\appdata\local\temp the following files:


twain.log, twain001.mtx, twunk001.mtx and twunk002.mtx.


After this all worked again as expected, in Irfanview all my (possible) Twain-devices were given again to select from where before the selection box was empty.

Photocopier worked again and of course my Brother (DCP-J752DW) was reacting again with the cc4-control center!


Mind you: I have tried all other solutions inclusive de-installing and re-installing, clearing registry with CCleaner and so on with no succes so in my opinion:


The only thing you need to do is to clear the abovementioned files or anyothers with twain and twunk in the name and or with the mtx extension.

The reason for the problem? Probably somehow a security issue but how, why, when I don’t know!


Another solution follow these instructions. There is a Twain_reset app

One other thing is I found if I had to change Brother printers or other MFC devices that scan that the best thing to do is uninstall all other none used MFC printer drivers (especially other Brother printers). Then go into the C:\Windows\Twain_32 folder and remove any sub folders. Then reinstall the Brother MFC Software.

If the Control Center won’t load (loads with blank white screen)look at other solution

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