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Fix .NET Framework To Fix Simply

I have a client that had an issue with Simply Accounting 2010 working. It would give an error on start-up about .NET Framework not working and the Simply Connection Manager failing. I believe the Connection Manager uses .NET. I could not uninstall Framework 3.5SP1 or reinstall. I found this on the Internet to […]

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Best Anti-Spyware Remover

I deal with spyware on a daily business. There is hardly a PC that I see that does not have spyware installed on their PC. Some are small easy ones to remove but lately I have seen a lot of fake antivirus programs that have infected the […]

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Opening Files In Office 2007 Very Slow

I recently upgraded my MS Office from 2003 to 2007. I then started to experience that when I started to open files from Word or Excel that it was very slow in response. I would first get a box saying “Initializing the root folders to display” and then when I clicked onto folders […]

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Virtualbox 3 3D problems for XP Guest

I have started to move to Virtualbox as my preference VM software. I like VMware but lately under my Vista 64-bit host I have had problems with the network driver. Mostly it won’t see the network properly in any guest (Mainly Ubuntu and XP). I decided to try Virtualbox. I use to use […]

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Copy Auto-Complete Address Cache In Outlook

The names in the Auto-Complete list are saved in the nickname cache. The nickname cache is a new feature of Outlook 2003, and the file name extension is .NK2. Normally, each Outlook profile has a *.nk2 file. The name of the *.nk2 file is the Outlook profile name.

Follow the steps below to replace the […]

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