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Describing Vista As A Miss For Microsoft

Here is a clip from a top ten Bill Gates greatest hits and misses article I saw on Digg. This describes Vista very well on why its not very popular.

“Vista doesn’t suck. Let’s just get that off our chests. In fact, it’s a quite capable, secure and sexy OS when you get right […]

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Starting To Hate HP

I have alway been a great fan of HP printers. They really started making an industry standard in their laser printers. There Laserjet, Laserjet II and III were built like a tank. They last 10+ years and always worked. Their PCL drivers are a standard. Compatible with everything. I really like the fact […]

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VirtualBox vs VMware Server under Ubuntu

I really like VMware. I have used VMware workstation under XP for along time and recommend anyone who wants to use virtual OS to use VMware. I have tried Windows PC Virtual software and VMware blows away Microsoft.

When I have started playing around Ubuntu I figured the VMware Server (which is […]

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Why People Hate Vista!

Another great article about the Vista!

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I Like Bell

OK so I might be one of the few that admits it but I like Bell. Well I don’t like the money grabbing total monopolizing phone company but so far I like their service. I use 3 things from them. The phone service, the Internet, and their Satellite service. I will start with […]

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