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Firefox Tip: Add Close button on one Tab

I’m a Firefox user. I like the option of closing the window when there is only one Tab open. You can do a keyboard shortcut of CTRL-W but I prefer the little close X on the Tab. To do this you go into the about:config in Firefox. Look for


Click on it and change […]

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Dropbox vs Google Drive vs OneDrive

Over the years I have tried and use the main syncing utilities to sync files from PC to PC. They are great for what I do and can’t see how to live with out them. I started with Dropbox since its the oldest. There was a product before I use to use till […]

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TV Thickness Over The Years

Well over the years I have 3 types of TV’s. CRT, LCD and LED. There is OLED but I can’t afford it. It looks nice but there is a current life to the TV compared to the others.

So I will start with my first large TV. Its a 32 inch Panasonic TV. At the […]

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The PC Is Not DEAD!

I see and hear all this “The PC is Dead”. Really?? For a business perspective NO. Lets see your secretary use an iPad for word processor. Every business I know will always use a desktop running Windows. With XP ending support in 2014 I can see the sell of PC’s going up for […]

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My New Ultimate Multimedia PC

My old Media PC was running out of space and its not the fastest PC. I am getting more blu-ray movies and they take up more space when keeping the HD quality so I decided to splurge and build my Ultimate Multimedia PC. Here is the list of hardware parts I used:

CASE – Antec […]

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